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No more planning needed.


Best-sellers & top local brands delivered instantly.

We’re changing the future of retail by delivering a smarter, faster, and more enjoyable shopping experience. 

US launching very soon - stay tuned!

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Sit back and relax

Our mission in life is to make things simple & fast while minimizing waste and supporting small businesses in every neighborhood we go.


We think shopping is awesome - minus the planning - minus the carrying - minus the waste. (All kinds of waste: food, time & money: traditional shopping inevitably results to food waste and wasted money due to over-shopping, plus it takes a lot of our time). So we basically removed all the minuses but kept all the fun.

And now it’s a whole new ballgame: Easy and smooth, not a tedious errand. 

Super fast


Speed is essential!

We'll be at your door before you know it.

Great Quality


We stock best-sellers & top local brands to make sure you find everything you love.



as your local supermarket

and no minimum order value!


Are you a property owner?

We are always looking for new real estate to grow our network. If you have spaces matching the following criteria get in touch!

  • 100amp Power

  • 200-250 sqm

  • Ground floor

  • Commercial area


Are you a local producer?

We love local products! If you happen to run a local food brand and want to list your products in our service please reach out to us at any time!